Vibration Conventions

Naming conventions are applied by Monition to every machine within a vibration analysis program, for the purpose of both traceability and clarity.

They are typically:

Bearing NumberingBearing Numbering

However simple a machine configuration may be, it is always important to settle on a standard naming convention to minimise misidentification.

Position Naming

Whilst the specific naming of the positioning is important, it is the consistent use of a particular naming convention that is most important for the sake of continuity.

Directional Conventions

Directional conventions is of key importance, and the convention begins with one important rule:

Axial Direction is ALWAYS parallel to shaft axis

Let's start with horizontal, direct drive machines. These machines are the most simple to define.

  1. Axial is parallel to the machine's shaft and parallel to the ground
  2. Vertical is up from the ground
  3. Horizontal is perpendicular to the shaft and parallel to the ground


Belt Drive Conventions

Belt Drive ConventionsThe direction parallel to the belts always be identified as the Horizontal direction. In turn, perpendicular to this position is by default defined as Vertical. By adopting this convention, both collection and analysis are simplified - belt (reaction) forces are usually directed in-line (parallel) with the belts, and high resolution readings are set up parallel to the belts.

Vertical Machine ConventionsVertical Machine Conventions

Adhering to the single rule above for directional convention, the "Axial" direction on this machine is defined as straight up, or 'vertical' on typical, horizontal direct-drive machines. Typically, this would make "Horizontal" parallel to the discharge of the machine and "Vertical" would be perpendicular to that and parallel to the ground.

Furthermore, high resolution readings should always be set up horizontally to catch aerodynamic or hydraulic forces in-line with the discharge.

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